Colin W. Campbell 2012 Alimigator Poem, accepted for publication, The Randomly Accessed Poetics, Issue 2: Paint Darkness into Day, Dec 2012. All Alone Flash Fiction accepted for publication in Fantastic Frontiers Magazine, Sept 2012. Out of Touch Short story accepted for publication in Separate Worlds, June 2012. Runner up, Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No. 106,  June 2010. spark of creation Haiku, accepted for publication in Issue 17 of Three Line Poetry, 2012: Three Haiku Accepted for publication in Issue 16 of Three Line Poetry, 2012 and comprising: though now long withered tablets of stone lie remember with thanks Forever Young Flash fiction accepted for publication as the featured story for 19 June 2012 on Fiction 365. new leaves crowd old trees Haiku accepted for publication online and in print, Haiku Journal, Issue 9, May 2012. ISBN/EAN13:1477681809 / 9781477681800 Pantoums From Borneo Accepted for publication in a mini-collection of four pantoums in Bewildering Stories, Issue 478, May 2012: Santubong Eagle Lizard Poo Dreams In the Shadow of Mount Santubong (In the Shadow of Mount Santubong was first published within an article of the same name in the Sarawak Tribune, 07 Dec 2011) A New Beginning Micro fiction accepted for E-book publication, Stories in the Ether, Issue Four, May 2012, having first appeared in the online version, Nevermet Press, 23 Dec 2011. First Time Micro fiction accepted for publication online in Dark Fire Fiction, Issue 57, May 2012. The Ministry of Dirty Tricks Flash fiction accepted for publication online in 365 tomorrows, 30 April 2012. The Wild Side Flash fiction accepted for publication online in Golden Visions Magazine Spring 2012 Issue. ISSN No. 1942- 4450. First appeared as winning entry, Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No. 114, Feb 2011. Trade Secret Micro fiction accepted for publication online in Bewildering Stories, Issue 470, March 2012. Whispers Pantoum inspired down at Santubong, accepted for publication in print and PDF versions of The Blinking Anthology 2012. Nine Little Poems A mini-collection of nine haiku accepted for publication online, Mouse Tales Press, Feb 2012 and comprising: another tree falls drops of acid rain storms getting stronger seashell on the shore  rain on lotus pool rain falls on fishpond  snow on distant hills mayfly must hurry like the mist at dawn (storms getting stronger was first published online as winner of a Writers Network haiku contest, 2006) (rain on lotus pool was first appeared online on being cherry-picked by the editors at ABCtales, 2004) (rain falls on fishpond was first appeared online as a Poem of the Week' on ABCtales, 2005 and cherry- picked.
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