AT THE END OF THE DAY A long day of excitement and celebration was drawing to a close in the court of the First Lord of the Great Western Desert. The dancers were long gone. One old blind musician remained. His familiar tunes now competing for attention with the song of the dry evening winds. With dusk beckoning, the First Lord stood apart from the few courtiers that remained. Quietly he looked far out into the final moments of the sunset on the great desert. Those who knew him well saw something was changing in his posture. Was age or tiredness finally catching up with the great warrior? Few dared to approach uninvited, but his old Chancellor had been on many campaigns with his Lord and they were like brothers. He spoke quietly as he drew close. "My Lord we have been through much together. You have won many great battles. Our ancient enemy is defeated. His lands are now your lands. The war is won and today we celebrate. But why do you now seem so sad?" "Ah, old Chancellor. If only it were so easy. At heart we are men of action but now there is all the paperwork." "Paperwork my Lord?" "Yes loyal old friend. We have won the war, but now we have to sit down and rewrite all the history." end At the End of the Day was published as a competition runner-up in the electronic and print editions of Gold Dust Issue 13, Summer 2008. First appeared, Winner in a flash fiction competition by, Aug 2006.
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