CHESS MASTER The smell was getting worse. "Hello Boss. All alone? Looks like you're playing chess on your own again," said Sally. She will ask about her job later. "Yes," the Boss looked up. He didn't want to chat in his office for he knew who was on the redundancy list. "Looks like you're going to win again," said Sally. "Yes." The Boss moved a pawn with a proper click that can only be made with real wooden pieces on a proper old-fashioned chessboard. A piece was missing and substituted with a toy dinosaur. Sally said nothing about this either but she wondered if the boss knew who had hidden it. She opened the window a little wider, and left. Back with her pals, they all had a good giggle. "Is he still pretending he's winning," someone said. "Yes, still pretending," said Sally. "So, does he know his office smells like a brothel?" someone else said. Sally tapped a manicured finger to her nose as she said "The Boss probably knows all about that but he hasn't found the little sardine yet." end Chess Master was accepted for publication by Pure Slush, Hobby, 16 Oct 2013.
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