GETTING TO KNOW A STRANGER Fingers touched as she passed him the in- flight meal tray. Then there was the careful chat and long looks that are so full of meaning when folks first meet. All too soon their seatbelts were fastened for landing. "I don't usually do this," said June as they exchanged name cards. "So, you're Stratford. Oh my, that does sound rather grand." "Let's have lunch tomorrow," said Stratford. June's eyes opened just a little wider when he added. "I'll send my car round for you." Next day came and a lovely old limo pulled up to collect her. The neatly uniformed driver turned out to be a larger-than-life character. His king-size grey moustache fluttered in and out as he loudly pointed out the beauty or otherwise of landmarks along the route. But his thoughts soon drifted way beyond the local architecture. "You like my boss then?" said the driver with a fatherly sort of a grin. "All the girls like my boss." "Yes, he is nice," said June, "I think he is really nice." "OK nice is nice, but would you make babies with him, lots of smiling babies?" June pretended to be looking out the window but she giggled long and hard. The driver persisted. "What about making babies? Bet you they would be real pretty like you and smart like my boss." "So why not smart like me," said June, "and pretty like Stratford." "So you might make babies with him?" "Oh yes, perhaps," said June. "Sounds like your boss is quite a character but what does he do for a living?" "Oh, he's just a struggling young actor," said Stratford as he stopped at a red light and pulled off the king-size moustache. end Getting to Know a Stranger was published in the PDF by Adroit Journal, Issue 1.3, Winter 2011/2012.
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