A WORD FROM THE LITERARY POLICE "So, what do you mean I've really  got to re- take the alien test?" said Borneo B. Borneo. "It's just rules," the Space Immigration Inspector used a routine voice. He was careful to avoid direct eye contact as he added, "Are you sure we've got the name right? You're middle name is Borneo too?" "Yes, that's me. I really try to fit in here in the third rock. Call me Borneo." "Thank you Mr Borneo. If you don't mind about my saying it, I can't help notice the know-you-what." "You mean the things on my head? Do you think I look a bit insect-like?" said Borneo B. Borneo. He knew at once that this would not be a good time for his famous praying mantis impersonation and so listened ever-so- carefully as the Inspector continued. "No, that's not a problem. It's a free world. Insect-like visitors are welcome. There's a problem in your written application. If it was only one time you might get away with a verbal warning and just promise to stop it. But it's there in the record, again and again. We have the Literary Police now. You'll have to go to the Re-education Camp. Please look it as an opportunity, more than a punishment. A few weeks should be enough and you'll be as good as new. Then you'll sail through the alien test." "But you haven't said what I'm doing wrong." "It's gotten. You said gotten, over and over. Ever-so-many times." "Yup," Borneo B. Borneo just had to admit it. end P.S. "Don't say Yup!" A Word From the Literary Police was published in the first Issue of theLiterati Quarterly, June 2014. ISSN: 2373-1494.
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Copyright  Colin W Campbell A Sarawak based writer.
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