LOOK AGAIN One rainy Sunday afternoon Emma brought her new boyfriend round to her old Grandmother's house. Well Gran wasn't really so old but Emma was still young enough to think that everyone deteriorated rapidly with age. Gran was pleased to see them for young people kept her young and it was nice to be introduced to the most recent boyfriend. She hoped they would stay a while but not too long, for being widowed she had a date herself that evening. "Gran may we look at your trophies?" Emma asked sweetly. The request was a little surprising for Emma had never shown much interest before. Gran had been keen on sports in her youth so the display cabinet was well stocked. Even today she kept herself in good shape. One by one Emma proudly pulled out the old prizes as if eager to impress her boyfriend with the quality of her own genes. Then a little silver cup from near the back said even more than expected for her bloodline for she shouted, "Gran, you won a Wet T-shirt Competition." And the young lad looked closely at Emma's Gran in quite a new way. end Look Again was Runner-up, in a Flash Fiction Competition in Between the Cracks Digest, Feb 2008.
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Copyright  Colin W Campbell A Sarawak based writer.
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