PENELOPE'S POISONOUS PLAN "You're taking it all very well. Trust me, I know you'll soon get over it. Nice herbal tea." Cindy spoke with all the sincerity she could project but inside she was thinking what a doormat this girl is. I steal her best boyfriend ever and she invites me round for tea for two and tells me everything will be alright. "I know, sometimes shit happens but let's move on from that," said Penelope. "It's a tisane, it's really called a tisane not herbal tea. It's my new hobby. I used to buy the stuff in fancy stores then I realized I was just paying for the packaging and the profits. The Internet is a great equalizer. A couple of hours online and I knew where to get the seeds and how to grow the plants and dry the leaves. There are even forums for sharing stories. Have another cup, you'll find it very relaxing. I thought it would be just the thing for the day of your big speech. Oh, and I guess you'll be making a big splash on TV." "Yes live on local TV and the whole thing will go on for hours too," said Cindy looking at her watch. "I'm so sorry but I will have to watch my time. One more cup and I'll really have to go." Penelope watched and waved from the window as Cindy went off to the TV studio. Then she lifted Teddy up from behind the potted plant that had been getting most of her own tisane. Teddy was her loyal old friend with buttons for eyes. The friend who never lied to her and who would never even think of stealing her best boyfriend. As they settled down to watch TV with a nice box of chocolates, Penelope carefully explained to Teddy what they might expect to see from a really strong herbal laxative. end Penelope's Poisonous Plan was accepted for print and electronic publication in Twisted Endings, September Issue, 2013. First published, Winning Entry, Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No. 88, Dec 2008.
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