REUNION "So, did you ever grow up into a proper man or what?" asked Bubba. "Well yes," said Justin as he looked around the school hall for changes after ten long years. There was the same old superficial paint like the same old classmates. He remembered a smell of musty books and doors that kept folks where they were supposed to be. Old voices rose again to bounce around the high ceiling. Justin wondered how many folks were still using untouched photos on Facebook. "Want a beer?" asked Bubba. "Thank you so much. That would be nice. However I was rather hoping for a decent glass of white wine," said Justin. "Like girls now?" said Bubba, directly and artlessly as ever. "Oh yes," said Justin, and as if to squash any further talk of a painfully shy adolescence, he added, "Lots." "Saw you hiding in those days at the back of class and drawing girls' clothes." "Well, actually I still do. I'm a fashion designer." "What?" said Bubba. "If you spent some more time with the girls you'll have heard the name. The brand is doing well, especially internationally." "Uh," Bubba said it with a snort and a shake of his head. "So, I’ve heard about you," said Justin. "Something about pushing a brush most days and weekend football. There seems to be lots of six packs involved. I guess that would be both kinds." He glanced down at Bubba's beerbelly as he added. "But I couldn't avoid noticing that bit about you splashing about naked with your buddies in the big hot tub after the game." "Uh," said Bubba looking around the crowd. People were staring at him. He walked towards the bar. He needed to grab a beer and do something else, anything else. end Reunion was published in Pure Slush, Fashion, March 2013.   
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