SEX ON THE LAWN So how would you like it if your father had been slipping away to have sex with aliens? Well, this whole alien abduction thing is really driving me nuts! You'd think after all this time everyone would be getting a bit bored with the same old stories. Well yes, they are and that's the problem for it's my story and the grown-ups just aren't listening anymore. I've had to live with the stories just about all my life. At first I used to hear things that I wasn't supposed to. Now I'm a little older, Father even talks to me about it and tries to explain. I might believe him if he had the guts to say he does it because he can, but he tries to pretend it's all been for procreation. Well hello, I'm old enough to know recreation when I see it. What's more, each time he's been doing it he comes back to his little-old, boring grey world with the same smug, self-satisfied, superior sort of look on his face. I just hate it when I see him like that. He even says all his friends are doing it too, as if that makes everything alright. It's all been so unfair to my Mum. I don't get to see her too often but I know she loves me. I call her 'Big Mummy' because I thought she was so big when I was young. I think father finds her size exciting in an unnatural sort of a way. She could pick him up physically and throw him around, but he's got all the power in the relationship so she just has to do what he wants. I keep thinking about all the other Mums out there. It's not fair to them either. I guess they all have much the same story to tell. Well hybrids like me are the future, you'd better believe it. A few of us have gathered together and dreamt up a neat way to get our fathers to leave the Earth-girls alone. You'll be seeing the results soon for we have something planned for their next grab-an- alien party. We've reset their auto-navigation system for a landing on the White House lawn. Let's just wait and see who they try to have sex with when they get there. end Sex on the Lawn was published in print in the Anthology, Pill Hill Press, Daily Flash 2012.
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Copyright  Colin W Campbell A Sarawak based writer. from a sarawak based writer