THE TRUE FRIEND OF FAIRY FARNDALE Fairy Farndale has a special friend, not far from Kuching City. Someone said this might be a little girl who lives in a Semi-D with a long garden that reaches way down into the rainforest. The fairy world likes to be hidden away. Fairy Farndale and the little girl are true friends and respect this. They meet at the end of the long garden, well away from other eyes. They have a special cover-story. If the little girl is discovered talking with her fairy friend, then she will just pretend she has an imaginary friend. Well this is nearly true. The fairy isn’t imaginary at all but grown-ups can’t see her. So their secret is safe. However, one day they were discovered and it was not by people. Much worse, it was the Fairy Empress Dowager herself. She had heard it all from her two favourite Fairies in Waiting, the ones who spy on the other fairies. This was an important time for the Fairy Empress Dowager. All the fairies were waiting for the return of the Fairy King. What she wanted most was to show the whole of the fairy world that she could rule on her own without the Fairy King. The Fairy Empress Dowager called a fairy trial because Fairy Farndale had been speaking with the little girl. Some of the fairies said privately that this was unkind and going too far. But the Fairy Empress Dowager was not to be argued with. Fairy Farndale carefully prepared her case. She would explain how she and the little girl has their plan to keep their secret safe. The Fairy Empress Dowager had other ideas. When Fairy Farndale asked permission to tell her story, the Fairy Empress Dowager just said no. Many of those said quietly that this was a terrible way to treat a fairy. As usual, the Fairy Empress Dowager was not to be argued with. Fairy Farndale was told she must never see her friend again. The little fairy was sad and couldn't bear the thought of leaving her friend without saying goodbye. So later when no one was looking, she slipped away to make one last visit to the long garden that reaches way down into the rainforest. Just as they were saying goodbye there was a wonderful whoosh of sound and a sparkle of tiny lights in the air. Fairy Farndale whispered to her little friend, "This is terrible. I've been caught again. I don't know what to do. It's the Fairy Empress Dowager and her two favourite Fairies in Waiting." The Fairy Empress Dowager made a very grand gesture with one hand as she said, "So, we've caught you with your little friend." But it was the little girl, not Fairy Farndale, who replied. "There's no one else here. I was just talking with my imaginary friend. Mother says I shouldn't and father just makes fun of me. I can't see anything over there but I can see the three of you very clearly." She reached for her iPhone. "There's no point in phoning, no one will believe her," said the Fairy Empress Dowager. She did this with a knowing smile and a giggle that sounded silly in someone of her age. She is already over four hundred years old. "Oh no, I'm not calling anyone," said the little girl. "But I've taken some good pictures of you with the camera in my phone. I think the nice people at Borneo Post might like photos of fairies." The Fairy Empress Dowager and her attendants left very quickly. Fairy Farndale stayed. She said, "Please don't show the photographs to all people in your world." "It's all right," said the little girl. "We're friends. I didn't switch on the camera app. But did you see the looks on their faces?" And they laughed, and laughed, and laughed. end The True Friend of Fairy Farndale was published in Fantasy Gazetteer, Aug 2008. now updated and with following sequel
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Copyright  Colin W Campbell A Sarawak based writer. from a sarawak based writer